May Staff Spotlight

As we approach the end of the school year, we have our May Staff Spotlight to share. Recently, I had the pleasure of connecting with Ashley Johnson, Grace Gawron, Alicia D’Antonio, Brooke Beechan, and Kim Auletta from the Speech Department, Jessica Berger, Laura Bradley, and Christina Campana from the Occupational Therapy Department, and a few of our specialists: Missy Mundy, Carol Kelly, and Phoebe Murer.    

All three departments play an important role in the education and success of the students at The Timothy School.  Their work is invaluable and we are fortunate to have them here for our students.

What makes The Timothy School a standout school for students with autism?

In terms of therapy, The Timothy School emphasizes team collaboration, making it a tool for the staff and beneficial for the students’ program. We are also lucky to have teammates, and coworkers, who are truly invested in the mission and loveworking with the students.

Others shared they enjoy the work they do and believe they are making an impact. We all are willing to jump in and help where needed. What we previously mentioned, along with the support we receive from administration and families, solidifies what makes The Timothy School a standout school for students with autism.

What are your goals for the students and staff?

Collectively, the group shared they want to focus on preparing the students for everyday life and show them they are an important part of the community. We want our students to become so independent that they do not need us. We want to help give our students a voice and an opportunity to speak up for themselves. As staff, our overall personal goal is to keep improving our skills to be the best we can be for our students.  Although some days can be tougher than others, we want to always remember that, in the end, it is worth the work and effort.  We are seeing the differences we are making with our students and it means everything to us.

At the end of our conversation, everyone expressed how lucky they are to be in a field that allows them to do the work they are doing.

The Timothy School is lucky to have many staff members that care and work tirelessly to improve the lives of our students. Without their drive and dedication, we would not be the school we are.  Thank you, therapists and specialists, for all you do.  

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