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The TIM Academy

About Us

Since 1993, TIM Academy, the consultative division of Timothy School, has provided training and consultative services for professionals working with students diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Our curriculum is based on current research, proven practices and the real world strategies used at Timothy School, a renowned approved private day school for students with autism. Workshop participants leave with a better understanding of how students with autism understand the world, as well as practical ways to increase learning and build social skills.

Our trainings are designed for special education and regular classroom teachers, administrators, social workers, home health care workers, therapists and parents.  Workshops are led by Consultative Services Director, Wendy Moran, who has 30+ years in autism education, training and home support services. All other TIM Academy team members have extensive experience in special education, Structured Teaching and Applied Behavior Analysis.

TIM Academy also provides both on-site and off-site staff development programs, as well as individual consultative services throughout the mid-Atlantic region. TIM Academy has also traveled abroad to provide trainings in India and Trinidad & Tobago.

The TIM Academy is a professional education provider, approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. At the completion of workshops and/or staff development programs, all participants will receive ACT 48 credit hours.

Mission and Vision

The mission of the TIM Academy is to advance our innovative educational practices in order to maximize the learning success of students diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. Our goal is to share these instructional methods as well as to provide field-based consultation and support for professionals and parents in the educational community.

Our vision is to improve the world for each student with autism by reaching out and supporting the teachers and parents who touch their world.

Consultative Services

Consultative services are available to teachers and support personnel working directly with individual students. These consultative services include on-going support from TIM mentors, who work one-on-one with teachers to structure classroom environments, modify materials, and implement research-based approaches to optimize student learning.

Classroom Design, Set-up, and Consultative Packages

With the number of school-aged children diagnosed with ASD on the rise so does the need for highly structured autism support classroom.  Creating a well-designed, highly structured classroom environment is essential for student success.  When designed appropriately, this classroom will provide the students a set of predictable routines which will clarify behavioral expectations, which in turn will decrease the likelihood of challenging behaviors, promote active learning, motivate students and support the executive functioning skills of the students.

Packages are custom designed to include the following:

    1. Classroom team will receive staff development on the Elements of Structured Teaching. Training can take place during our annual TIM 1 training or at your preferred location.
    2. Based upon each student’s IEP, Tim Academy will create the initial and essential visuals for classroom start up. The visuals will include, but not limited to, individual schedules, independent work systems, functional visual routines, visual highlighting throughout the classroom, and initial instructional/independent tasks.
    3. Assist the classroom team in the design and setup of the physical environment.
    4. Classroom team members will be provided consultative/mentoring hours to ensure all newly learned strategies are implemented with fidelity.

Staff Development Programs

TIM Academy trainers will visit your workplace to conduct customized professional development workshops. Customized workshops are offered to individual schools and school districts in the mid-Atlantic region. These workshops are designed to provide a deeper understanding of the characteristics of Autism Spectrum Disorder, as well as an overview of the most effective educational strategies. Topics include definitions of autism, classroom management, structured teaching, communication, behavior management, the role of paraprofessionals, and effectively working with parents.

Behavior Analytic Services – coming soon!

Speech and Language Consultative Services – coming soon!

For more information on programs available at your site, contact Michelle McGurl at or Wendy Moran at