Instructional Programs

Our Instructional Programs…

  • Provide specialized instruction that is individualized for students in order to develop their academic skills, functional academic skills, communication skills, self-help skills, gross/fine motor skills, daily living/vocational skills, and social/emotional skills.
  • Emphasize the application of communication, self-help, behavioral and daily living skills across settings in order to help students participate and enjoy relationships with others within home, school, and community
  • Structure all instructional settings to increase students’ confidence and motivation so they will examine their environment and learn to adapt their behavior based on their previous experiences.
  • Coordinate related services such as speech/language and occupational/physical therapy to provide for both individualized and classroom-based instruction that is consistently implemented across all settings through an interdisciplinary approach by therapists, teachers, and parents. 
  • Provide parent training that reflects the needs of the family and will help the students and their families participate meaningfully in family and community activities.
  • Use behavioral and social skills techniques based on positive approaches that will enable the students’ optimum participation within classroom and community settings.