Middle School/Prevocational Program

Our program builds upon the skills developed at the elementary level and serves middle school students between the ages of 12-16. As our students continue to develop confidence and skills, our teachers and specialists concentrate on the unique needs of adolescents. The functional academic classroom program is departmentalized and supplemented by instruction in the Daily Living Center, located within our campus, to emphasize skill generalization to real-world experiences. 

The Timothy School Difference:

  • Development of skills to support independence within the home and community
  • Integrated instruction in communication skills with emphasis on pragmatics
  • Application of basic skills to promote authentic learning in areas such as money management and meal preparation
  • Individually work with teachers and therapists on housekeeping tasks to learn skill generalization and responsibility for maintenance of the Daily Living Center
  • Individually work with teachers and therapists, and cooperatively with peers, on pre-vocational skills in preparation for community-based work experiences
  • Smart Board instruction, video modeling, and daily use of iPod Touches for their schedule access, ongoing skill development as well as a personal leisure time activity
  • Fitness training twice a week at a local community center
  • Monthly planned community experiences such as grocery shopping and dining out that encourage student independence in their daily lives

“We feel so LUCKY that our son attends the Timothy School. It is such an AMAZING environment, and we would not want or cannot imagine him being anywhere else.”