About Us

The Timothy School is the oldest non-profit approved private school in Pennsylvania devoted exclusively to teaching students with autism. For over 50 years, we have worked to develop an understanding of autism that recognizes the strengths and uniqueness of our children and the specialized methods needed to expand their educational opportunities.

Our History

We began in 1966 as a mission of the Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church for children who were not allowed to attend school, who stayed at home, or were placed in institutions. Dr. Watermulder, the church pastor, served as the founding president of our School Board and Marie Wedding was the lead teacher. Mrs. Wedding, along with five teachers and many volunteers, taught the nine students who came to our school for the first time. Each child brought significant challenges and each success led to greater knowledge and teaching skill. As the school brought new research-based practices to the classrooms and met the needs of a growing number of students, our reputation also grew. Today, more than 65 children attend our school arriving each morning on buses from 26 school districts in southeastern Pennsylvania.

Our Model Program

Our model program emphasizes Structured Teaching, Applied Behavior Analysis, Functional Communication and Positive Behavioral Supports as core components of our curriculum. In parallel, we are focused on creating a daily atmosphere for our students that encourages them to practice skills in natural environments. No one child is the same and The Timothy School’s culture thrives on our ability to refine and individualize instruction in unique, creative ways that motivate our students to increase their skills and independence.

Our Mission

The mission of The Timothy School is to provide students, ages five through twenty-one, diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, with the communication, social, cognitive, and life skills necessary to enable them to function as effectively and independently as possible in the least restrictive environment.

Our vision is to empower students with autism to achieve their greatest potential in all aspects of their lives.

Our goal is to expand the reach of our mission and vision and increase community awareness, acceptance, and support of individuals with autism by:

  • Providing parents with training and support so that they can serve as partners within the school community and work effectively with their children at home.
  • Disseminating research and educating the community about the abilities and needs of people with autism spectrum disorder.
  • Providing practical field experiences for university, college, and medical students pursuing studies in special education or developmental disabilities.