Elementary Program

Our program emphasizes individual and small group instruction for students between the ages of 5-11. Our instructional program focuses on: functional academics, communication, fine/gross motor skills, social skills development, self-help skills, community and safety skills,  positive behavior support, and overall learning readiness.

The Timothy School Difference:

  • Environmentally engineered and individualized classrooms assign 4-5 students per room with an average of 2:1 student:staff ratio
  • Use of structured teaching methods designed to make information meaningful and expectations clear 
  • Use of personalized daily schedules, work systems, and visual cues to promote independence 
  • Instruction of new concepts and skills that is incremental and predictable due to an organized environment
  • Collaboration between teachers and therapists to differentiate and individualize instruction 
  • Community-based instruction and enrichment activities promote generalization of concepts and skills

“We would like to thank all of the staff for all the hard work you have contributed in helping our son reach his goals and progressing as fast as he has. He will be going to our school district special class this year where he will progress even further. Thank you for all of the love and help you have given him.”

Children diagnosed with autism and their families are welcomed as new members into The Timothy School family. It is not just the time spent in our classrooms that makes a difference for the student, it is the community of support that maximizes the learning opportunities for our students to adulthood.